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Here's Why Eco Cleaning Products Are Actually Terrible For Our Planet

by Yolantha Morrigan |

There is finally a better way.  

We buy "eco-friendly" cleaning products because we believe they are a better choice, for both our health and our environment. But is this actually true, or are eco cleaners harmful to our planet just like petro cleaners? 

Cleaning products are mainly a combination of soap and water, and eco cleaners use plant-based ingredients and new water to produce a "healthier" option to petroleum-based cleaners. 

Sounds awesome, right? Not so fast! What about the health of our planet? Here's why eco cleaners are actually not a sustainable solution, long term: 

  1.  They don't repurpose water.

Water going down the sink - Cycle, the cleaner that uses non-drinkable water

An average household uses around 15 bottles of cleaning products annually. Multiply this by an average-sized community of 100,000 households and you’re looking at millions of liters of water wasted each year. And when less than 1% of Earth’s H2O is fresh water available for consumption, that is no drop in the ocean! Wasting water in a household setting leaves less of this precious resource available for wildlife, and the wood-pastures and the parklands that sustain them. It also affects the amount of water available for agricultural use, which can, in turn, lead to food shortages.  


There is also the moral issue of how unjust it is for developed countries to wastewater haphazardly when millions (663 million, according to Water Facts: Facts About the Global Water Shortage) don’t even have access to enough clean, safe water to drink. 


  1. They leave a HUGE carbon footprint.
    Huge industries creating an extensive amount of smoke and increasing the carbon footprint

 Excluding the footprint left by logistics, transportation, and manufacturing - let's focus on just the cleaner itself. The stuff inside the bottle that we touch and breathe. Any petro-based cleaning products used by those 100,000 households remain in the environment after use and create an additional carbon (CO2) load of more than 700 tonnes per year. To put that in perspective - an average passenger car emits around 5 tonnes of CO2  every year. 


But what's the solution? I’m glad you asked! CYCLE has recently launched an innovative range of recycled cleaning products that make it easy for us to reduce our impact on the planet, and here's how: 


  1. CYCLE is made from over 90% recycled resources. 
    Cycle All-purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner next to each other in a table. Cycle products are 90% recycled making it a sustainable cleaning product.

 CYCLE is made by recovering organic materials and converting them into natural ingredients. The result? A non-toxic clean with close to zero new resource and energy demands. CYCLE cleaners are completely safe to use, unlike many commercial cleaners of which contain toxic chemicals that can have a serious impact on our health over the long term. 



  1. CYCLE bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. 
    Cycle cleaners are packaged in 100% recycled bottles. Started kit Cycle on a reusable bag

 UK households use a whopping 400 million bottles of cleaning products per year, but only 44% of our plastic waste ever gets recycled. That means around 260 million empty bottles from cleaning products end up in landfills every year! To help combat this, CYCLE bottles (aside from the trigger) are made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning that those single-use water bottles end up back in circulation instead of where we don’t want them – in a landfill, in the ocean, and littering our streets!  

 Cycle product on a reusable bag next to groceries.

So if you’re looking for a cleaning product that genuinely has the best interests of the planet at heart, CYCLE is the smart choice. CYCLE doesn't ask you to compromise between your family’s health and the health of our ecosystem. You can feel good and do good at the same time. What's not to love about that! 

Visit our store to try out our products. We hope that you’ll love them as much as we do.