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Switch It Up & Save The World

by Yolantha Morrigan |

We CAN all be superheroes!   

The recent heatwave broke the record as the hottest day in the history of the UK. Whilst many of us celebrated these sweat-in-the-shade inducing climes with a tinny in the park, others melted into the hot wet armpits of strangers on the Central Line during a hellish commute. Overheard in the park: “I heard the Arctic is on fire”, followed by a few nonchalant grunts. Others acknowledged the bigger picture, raised a solemn toast to the ever melting ice caps and drowning polar bears… and continued to sip on their now lukewarm G&T’s.  


There’s never been a time like now to be the change you want to see in the world. And it starts with making a few easy adjustments to your own lifestyle. So we are here to inspire you with some switches that may not yet be on your radar! 

1. Go (More) Veggie 

Getting your 5 a day is important, but each Whopper you purchase has a whopping impact on our Earth. To produce just ONE kilo of beef, it takes 20,000 litres of water. That’s the equivalent of over 300 showers! Not to mention the 10kg of food for the cow, the 200m2of space required to rear it, and the 300kg of greenhouse emissions that are pumped into the atmosphere just because you fancied a burger. Animal agriculture is one of the highest contributors to greenhouse emissions on the planet. 

 So cut the beef and treat your palette to a flavoursome world of spices, pulses and grains. Never before have we had such an incredible array of vegetarian products on the market, so explore! And if you can’t commit fully, why not try one meat free day per week?  

2. Rethink Your Brewing Habits 

A warm, soothing cup of tea is an English institution. But if you regularly indulge in a brew, it’s important to be aware of one potential hazard - the secret dangers that lurk within tea bags! Commercially manufactured tea bags are often made from plastic and bleached. They are also likely to be coated with epichlorohydrin, a known carcinogen that is particularly active in hot water. Some brands also use polypropylene, a non-biodegradable sealing plastic, to keep their bags from falling apart. 

 The best way to brew is to use loose leaf tea. Add a couple of spoonfuls to hot water in a teapot, and strain into cups. Alternatively, you can buy a tea infuser, fill with leaves and drop into your mug like you would a tea bag. But to me, this all sounds like a perfect excuse to start that teapot collection! 

3. Get Smart About Energy 

Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you’re using, as well as what it’s costing. The smart remote device doesn’t require a WiFi connection, and your home energy usage is displayed on a digital screen.  

Don’t worry, it won’t cost you the Earth - in fact, it’s absolutely free! All energy suppliers provide this no cost service, so there really is no reason not to order one in. You can also get a prepaid meter so you’re able to budget and keep on top of your power usage down to the hour. It can even remind you to switch off your TV when you leave the room - how Smart is that! 

5.  Clean Up Your Cleaners 

Studies have shown that cleaning products are a huge source of urban pollution. Traditional cleaning products release toxins called Volatile Organic Compounds into the air. These are the same deadly compounds that come from vehicle exhaust pipes! Yuck! That’s why it’s more important than ever to choose a cleaning product made from natural ingredients. At CYCLE we reclaim discarded organic matter, like fruit and veggie peels, and ferment them to create acetic acids which are used as the base of our all-natural formula.  

 But ingredients aren’t the only element to consider. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled materials, for now, you can try our products on webshop, but stay tuned for the future of CYCLE!