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All Purpose Cleaner

with lemon scent

Cycle All-Purpose Cleaner testing report


Tabletop, furniture, glass, mirror? We’ve got your covered with this most versatile of cleaners to naturally annihilate sticky messes and dusty surfaces. Scented with natural oils, use an all-purpose cleaner that cleans like heck and smells like heaven.



Recycled acetic and other organic acids, <%5 non-ionic surfactant for enhanced cleaning, <5% citric acid, <5% bioethanol for shiny surface, citrus essential oil for the pleasant smell, recycled water.


How to Use

Before use, turn the tip of the spray head to ON position. Spray directly to the surface, then wipe off in one single motion. For foam, keep the mesh door closed, or open up for a fine mist. After use, turn the tip to OFF position. Avoid using on acid sensitive surfaces like marble or copper.



Store in the original container between 10 - 30 ºC. Keep away from direct sun.


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