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We Are Transparent.

Összetevők, alapanyag, biomassza, természetes, ecetsav

Our Ingredients are Rubbish

Yes really. Our ingredients are rubbish and we love them. The rubbish in our case is biomass that is a byproduct of water treatment facilities. Just like one makes beer, we brew biomass aka ferment and distill it to produce a rich mixture of organic acids and pure water. This is the clear base you see in the bottle. And to this we add some soap, citric acid, fragrance (natural oils of course) and thickener/bio-alcohol on product spec basis to create the cleaners that have more than 90% recycled content. Neat eh!

The organic acids in the products are our magic sauce. They are acetic acid (aka vinegar), propionic acid, butyric acid and each have their own special unique character they impart to the product. And since these

acids are produced by gazillions of microbes breaking down biomass and distilled like vodka to perfection, you can be rest assured that the cleaners you hold in your hands is a truly unique and special product.

Összetevők, alapanyag, természetes, citromsav, illóolaj

Our Packaging is Reincarnated

If you think our bottle looks like something you’ve seen before, that just might be true! Made from 100% post consumer resin recycled plastic, and that basically means our bottle producer buys the resin from plastic collectors who in turn get it from waste collection companies that you provide your bottles too! And so the cycle goes on and on and hopefully in this way we keep the plastic that’s already out there useful and purposed instead of ending up in a landfill or worse in a waterway.

The trigger we use cannot be recycled. We have looked everywhere possible but couldn’t find a trigger that could. But its a pretty sturdy design and can stand all the Clint Eastwood action for a few months at least. And so we create our Aluminum cap concept. But the bottles with the trigger and once done, but a refill bottle with an Aluminum cap. Aluminum is widely recycled and along with our recycled and recyclable bottle, we hope you will help us make a change and instead of making waste, make value.

Körforgásos tisztítószer előállítása, gyártása

Our Recycling is 8finite.

1. Start with biosolids

2. Use technology to create a super awesome base material

3. Add some soap and other stuff to make a household cleaner

4. Message in a bottle

5. Use to your hearts content

6. Empty bottle 😔

7. Buy refill with alu cap and replace trigger 😊

8. Curbside recycle empty bottle and alu cap

Cycle Inside-out