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We are so transparent

We’re proud to say that our products are rubbish… 

…in that they’re made from it. 

In terms of cleaning power, though, they’re not rubbish at all. In fact, they’re highly effective. Like, seriously so!

That’s how we like it, how the planet likes it, and one good reason you’ll love them. 

Összetevők, alapanyag, biomassza, természetes, ecetsav

Efficacy and sustainability – working wonders in perfect harmony 

Cycle has banished the compromise you once faced when choosing cleaning products. Cycle really is the best of both worlds, and far kinder to the one we all share.  

But how?  

In a word: Biosolids…  

Összetevők, alapanyag, természetes, citromsav, illóolaj

Brave New Ingredients

Biosolids are residual bacterial biomass that has finished its job of cleaning wastewater. This biomass comprises gazillions of tiny critters that provide a rich source of nutrients and carbon, and provide the base for all our products – a simple but powerful mixture of acetic, propionic and butyric acids, and pure water. These organic acids are what make Cycle products so effective.  

In addition, we apply a smidgeon (less than 5%) of plant-based surfactant and citric acid. In the spirit of full transparency, we admit that our surfactant currently comes from palm oil. It is sustainably sourced, but even so… we’re looking (frantically) for a preferred alternative.  

Our packaging feels… familiar?

If you get déjà vu when you handle our bottles, there may be good reason…  

Cycle bottles are made from 100% post-consumer resin recycled plastic. Basically, our bottle producer buys the resin from plastic collectors, who get it from the waste collection companies that collect your recycling. This way, we keep the plastic that’s already circulating useful, instead of it ending up in landfill or simply discarded in the natural environment.  

Not trigger-happy… yet 

We’ve looked everywhere for a recyclable trigger option, but so far no joy. We’ll keep looking until we find one, but for the meantime we’ve ensured ours is sturdy and reusable. Even the most quick-fire and strong-fingered users can rely on its durability for months on end – we know, we’ve tested it to destruction! Combine this with our aluminium-capped refill bottles, and we’re still working wonders on the recycling front.  

With our visionary approach to household cleaning and your wise buying decisions, we believe we can contribute significantly to a much safer, greener and cleaner household.  

Cycle Inside-out