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CYCLE, renew technologies alapítók, Gábor, Sunny, Vera

What’s our story? 

Once upon a time, there were (and still are) three alchemists with a calling…  

Gabor, Sunny, and Vera began creating products from biomass, because they’d been working with water, wastewater and its by-products for decades and understood the massive potential to change how we perceive and use cleaning products.  

After almost a decade of determined scientific research and development, they finally discovered the perfect recipe for a one-of-a-kind household cleaner. One that does a wonderful job – without compromising on efficacy, and without harming people, creatures, plants or planet.  

Understandably, they were (and still are) over the moon, and keen to share it with the world.  

A motiváció, Sunny nővére, nő kalapban kutyával

Our inspiration

RIP Jyoti (1968-2016)  

Jyoti was our founder’s sister, and an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. An amazing human, essentially.  

She fought against the use of toxic chemicals, oil-based plastic pollutants and ‘greenwashing’, and remains a key inspiration to our cause: to find viable alternatives that don’t harm people and planet.  

CYCLE fürdőszoba tisztító anyuka és a fia takarítják a fürdőszobát szivaccsal

Who’s behind it all? 

Cycle itself is a powerful challenger brand, incorporated and owned by reNEW Technologies Ltd.  

reNEW is a UK-registered business with research and production facilities in Hungary.  

Oh, you mean the people!

Meet the team: