No. CYCLE products do not contain ingredients harmful to human health. In fact, all their ingredients are completely biodegradable and natural.

The main ingredients are a mixture of recycled organic acids (mainly acetic acid, also known as vinegar) and pure recycled water. Other ingredients include: plant based surfactants (to combat dirt and grime), essential oils (fragrance), citric acid and naturally derived preservatives.

Unlike traditional cleaning agents made from petroleum derivatives or plant-based ingredients, our organic acids are derived from the fermentation of leftover biomass. What's more, even the water we use comes from biomass, saving precious drinking water with every bottle of detergent we make.

Biomass are the excess organic matter produced in a biological wastewater treatment plant as a byproduct. Apart from having a high biologically treated water content, biomass is a mixture of bacteria and other microorganisms that help purify wastewater.

The acetic acid used in many cleaning products is petrochemically derived. Some cleaners use biologically derived acetic acid aka vinegar. Petrochemicals are non-renewable and are leading contributor to global pollution while biologically derived vinegar being produced from sugar should rather be a food source. The acetic acid used in CYCLE is fermented from biomass and is molecularly exactly the same as both petrochemical and biologically derived acetic acid but it is resource preservingand recycled.

The main ingredients of our cleaning products are organic acids and recycled water, the former being produced by micro-organisms that break down biomass. In other words, CYCLE cleaners extract value from waste rather than use valuable resources that could be used to save water or as a food source.

Packaging and Refilling

Yes, there is! Our concentrated refills are called CYCLE 10X, check them out.

500ml and 50ml bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, excluding the closures.

Glass bottles are too heavy and fragile, and therefore have a much greater impact on the environment during transport.

Eco-friendly Cleaners


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