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All Natural
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Clean with a purpose.

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CYCLE tisztítószer zöld növény női kéz

Clean. Protect. Inspire. Repeat.

Choosing a cleaner shouldn't be a compromise. But that’s the choice you have to make everyday because the cleaners we buy are rooted in the linear economy – they take resources, make products and create waste. 

Cycle helps you clean and recycle at the same time. After all you’re not really recycling unless you use recycled products.

Kisgyerek takarít CYCLE-el szivacs konyhapult

Cleaner Cleaners

Our cleaners aren't just non-toxic, they're also completely natural and biodegradable. By brewing organic materials (aka biomass) and mixing with natural ingredients, we’ve created a cleaner that mum’s and dad’s have used for a very long time.

As chief health officer of your home, you can be sure Cycle is safer for you, your children and your pets too. 

CYCLE általános felülettisztító szórófej és aluminium kupak

Recycled. Inside Out.

When it comes to a circular cleaner, it's not just what's on the inside that counts. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic resins. Our labels are biodegradable. 

To be honest, the trigger we use is absolutely rubbish and to offset that, we’ve created a refill bottle (100% recycled of course) with an aluminum cap that can be curbside recycled again. 

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Starter Kit

Be a hero and join us to bring a new clean one home at a time. Each starter kit contains one All-Purpose Cleaner, one Toilet Cleaner, one Bathroom Cleaner, and two Triggers.

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Refill Pack

Already a hero? Now elevate to divinity and continue to keep your home and habitat clean. Refill packs are customizable to her you the cleaners your need when you need them. 

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Cycle in a flash