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CYCLE tisztítószer zöld növény női kéz

Clean with a greater purpose

Cycle is revolutionary proof you can have a spotlessly clean home and reduce harmful impact on the environment.  

Highly effective, nontoxic and planet-friendly, Cycle’s main ingredients are made by recycling biosolids into organic acids and pure water. Everything else is all-natural, too. Even the bottle we use is 100% recycled and recyclable.  

In other words, choosing your household cleaner is no longer a trade-off between efficacy and sustainability. Cycle delivers both.  

Kisgyerek takarít CYCLE-el szivacs konyhapult

Circular cleaning products 

For us, there is no real beginning or end to the product lifecycle. We’re redefining waste: instead of ‘throwing it away’, we’re using it as a valuable raw material in creating a highly effective cleaner – one that doesn’t hurt the planet, and simply re-joins the continuous recycling process once you’ve used it.  

In effect, we’re stepping out of the linear economy and championing a circular one. The way we see it, a fully sustainable product lifecycle has to begin not with raw materials, but with waste itself. In our case, that ‘waste’ is biosolids, an organic residue from water treatment plants. Just as beer is brewed, we ferment biosolids to produce a potent mix of organic acids and water, which we then distil and purify – just like vodka is made – to produce a 90% recycled base for every Cycle product.  

The remaining 10% is all-natural. We simply add some plant-based soap, thickener, citric acid and a dash of natural oils… and voila: the world's first fully authentic circular cleaner!   

CYCLE általános felülettisztító szórófej és aluminium kupak

Recycled, inside out 

With our circular cleaner, recyclable packaging is literally part of the package.  

Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic resins, to prevent plastic that's already been created from polluting the environment further. Even our labels are biodegradable…  

Our biggest recycling challenge has been the trigger that releases our revolutionary cleaners. Basically, it can't be recycled, which is rubbish – we know. But to offset that until we find the solution, we’ve created a refill bottle (100% recycled, naturally) with a recyclable aluminium cap.  

Reach for the cleaning stars 

Introducing the Cycle range…

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Starter Kit

From here on, you can keep your conscience as clean as your home, with the full range of revolutionary Cycle products. The Cycle Starter Kit comprises our All-purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner, plus two re-usable triggers.  

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Refill Pack

You’re already a hero, so let’s elevate you to divinity and keep your home pure with our fully customisable refill packs. Simply re-use the trigger from your initial purchase.  

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Cycle in a flash