How was the idea of recycled CYCLE products born?

CYCLE cleaners are created after decades of research. The coordinated work of biologists, chemists, bioengineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers has resulted in the award-winning family of circular cleaners. But how? 

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The story of how Cycle was created

The Cycle research team has been researching the utilization of sewage sludge, and how they could extract more biogas from waste. In testing efficient biogas production, the researchers noticed an interesting thing that they began to address in more depth. During the whole process, the researchers could recover natural acids, such as acetic acid, and make useful products from them. It was only later that it became clear that these acids could be excellent detergent ingredients. The theory was born, but it had to be put into practice.

“People see waste in biomass, but we see it as a source of organic matter, a source of micro and macro raw materials.”

reNEW research team
Sustainability is in the DNA of the members of the research team

What was the new mission?

A new mission has been found: the extraction of bio-acids, mainly bioacetic acid from biomass. However, it was challenging to bring biology under control. First, it was necessary to figure out the optimal conditions under which acid-producing bacterias are in the active stage. It turned out that the acid-forming phase lasts a very short time and the researchers need to intervene at the right time. Over the years of development, they have finally managed to extract their valuable organic acids. They were later even able to extract water from the system. Thus, there was no need to reach a limited supply of freshwater to produce the detergent. So, nothing is actually wasted during the production.

Biomasses, biogas and water are extracted from biomass.
 Everything is recycled and completely waste-free.

renew bioreactor
ReNEW Technologies would be able to supply all households in Hungary
with acetic acid-based cleaners

What does reNEW technology achieve?

reNEW Technologies therefore successfully recycles biomass. It can extract several valuable raw materials from organic waste: bio-acids and water for the production of cleaning agents, and provides good quality raw materials for the production of biogas. The green energy source thus obtained also contributes to the operation of the system. Meanwhile, it keeps only the bacteria that are useful.

The story is not over yet. Micro and macro-elements could also be recovered together with humic acid during the biomass recycling process. This mixture can be used as a great plant nutrient solution. So, they give back another valuable raw material to nature after they created “CYCLE”, sustainable and powerful recycled household cleaners.

Further research and development work is ongoing in collaboration with FCSM. It cannot and should not stop, as further developments mean increasing their competitiveness in the market.

CYCLE as a brand created by reNEW Technologies

CYCLE household cleaners are made with recycled water, 100% natural ingredients and uses packaging containing recycled plastic. It addresses sustainability at its core and cares about your health. CYCLE has a unique concept which aims at making your cleaning practice more effective, safe and green.