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Foam is effective but packaging could be much improved

The liquid itself seems to be pretty good in terms of removing stains and bad smell from the toilet. However, the reason why I was looking for a foam toilet cleaner and chose this product was to be able to access the dirty areas with the foam that stay hidden under the rim. The spray bottle, unfortunately, doesn't function properly upside down - the position that is needed to spray under the rim. I would think a smaller size bottle could be much more practical. Or a more round one (smaller in height). Will keep experimenting though.

Limited Winter Edition Refill 50 ml
Flóra Horváth
Super Product

The smell is amazing, I love it!

Refill Kit
Daniela Zimmermann
Makes everything beautifully clean

So I have tried several cleaners but these are really great. Especially the glass cleaner. No more stripes to see without much to go over it.

Diswashing gel (500ml)
Andrea Csécsei-Szabó
The product worked very well for me

I am very happy that the product is available.
It cleans dishes very nicely, even greasy ones, and it's great that you don't need to use much, it's handy.

Starter Kit XL
Lisa Bottomley
Highly, highly recommend

The cleaning products I have used from CYCLE have been fantastic. The small, concentrated bottles are great for storage, I just make up small batches as I need them to save space. The selling point for me was not only are the products better for the environment, but also safe to use around my dogs.