What is CYCLE?

CYCLE is the non compromised solution between petrochemical like efficiency and environment friendly nature care characteristic. CYCLE is born from waste to remove limescale, dirt, smudge and after use it dives back to the biosolids to restart it's journey.

For resellers

Does not matter what business you run. CYCLE will help you or your customers to clean efficently withouth the consequences or harsh chemicals and all this in a pleasantly scented environment.

500ml ready-to use and 50/500ml concentrates

If you would like to re-sell CYCLE via your online or brick and mortar store, this is for you. For detailed information and a price quote please contact us.

List of products:

  • Bathroom cleaner
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Universal cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner foam
  • Toilet cleaner gel
  • Dishwasher
  • Hypoallergen Dishwasher

We also offer solutions for Zero Waste stores with our bulk quantity and reusable taps. For more information get in touch with us.


For professional users

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5 liter ready-to-use and concentrates

If you are a cleaning company taking care of large institutions or you do your own cleaning in HORECA this is for you. Large sizee and concentrated cleaners make the cleaning process more efficient, longer lasting and easy to store.

List of products:

  • Sanitary cleaner (ready-to-use & concentrate)
  • Surface cleaner (ready-to-use & concentrate)
  • Dishwasher cleaner (readay-to-use only)
  • Glass cleaner (ready-to-use & concentrate)

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Frequently asked questions

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to any country in the EU

What are the requirements to become a reseller?

Be a company residing in the EU and place an order above €200s.

What are the requirements of becoming a professional partner?

Be a company with focus of facility management, or in the HORECA busienss, residing in the EU and place an order above €200s.

How can I place an order?

Send us an e-mail to order@cycle.bio with the list of the products you wish to purchase and include your billing and delivery address.

Where can I see the full range of cleaners?

Get in touch with us either in the form below or by email via hello@cycle.bio and we reply you with the price list attached.

What do you charge for shipping?

This depends on your location and the ordered quantity. We don't want to make money on shipping, we are only going to forward you the fee what the courrier charge from us.

We are also available on these channels

contact: hello@cycle.bio

phone: +36704749900