Stop toxic cleaners!

That’s what CYCLE is about. Traditional home cleaning products are made out of petrochemical ingredients – no good for you! So we developed a patented process to produce recycled organic acids and recycled vinegar for super green and still 100% effective cleaners. Not enough: we only fill recycled water in our bottles so not a single drop of valuable tap water is wasted.

Help us change mindsets about green cleaning products!

How can a cleaner be recycled?

That’s what people usually ask when I explain the concept of CYCLE. "Recycle everything" is not only our marketing bla bla but really what we do: recycled water and recycled organic acids - that's most of what we need to produce non-toxic, sustainable yet hell effective cleaners. Let's team up to change consumer's mindsets and save our planet.​

Sunny Bashin, CEO and Founder

Our ingredients

Who needs petrochemical ingredients for effective cleaners? Definitely not us! In CYCLE cleaners you will only find recycled water, recycled organic acids, some surfactants and for fantastic natural smell essential oils. That’s all we need. And hell, yeah… they are natural and effective!

Don't trust us blindly

We prove it!

Our Process

It all starts with waste water which we use in our patented process to produce recycled water on one hand and organic acids on the other. That's the base of our super sustainable cleaners. We just need to add some surfactants, citric acid and esstential oils. When using our sustainable yet effective cleaners at home they get back into the system and return as raw material for our production process.

Our Team

Nobody can change the world alone… that’s why there is a whole dedicated team behind our founder supporting in changing mindsets. From product development to fulfilment, from production to marketing – everything is done in-house. This involves a whole bunch of people sharing our founder’s vision and fighting with him side by side to make the world a little bit cleaner.