CYCLE is on a mission to empower people to live better without compromising the planet. And we do that by repurposing wastewater to base ingredients used in formulating our cleaners. And although the process and technology is a bit more complex than that, this is our core truth.

Our 2 challenges

WASTE : from wastewater is considered a worthless by-product and disposing it is an expensive and cumbersome process. As we urbanize more, more waste will pollute our environment.
CLEAN : Liquid cleaners available today are either made from toxic petrochemicals but they certainly work or plant-based ingredients : safe but weak. And both contribute to water scaricity and massive CO2 emissions.

Turning Waste to Worth

We start with waste: brew and distill it to obtain pure recycled water and re-purposed ingredients. We then add some plant-based soap, citric acid, oil-based fragrances, and voila! CYCLE is born as a household cleaning product good for you, your home and the planet.

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