eco-friendly toilet cleaner concentrate
eco-friendly toilet cleaner concentrate refill

10X Eco-Friendly Foamy Toilet Cleaner Concentrate (500 ml)

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Description of 10X Eco-Friendly Foamy Toilet Cleaner Concentrate (500 ml)

Did you like our 50ml Toilet Cleaner Foam Concentrate? Here's the good news: it's now available in a 500ml edition! True to its name, CYCLE 10X can be diluted up to 10 times, and with the 500ml version you can now buy 10 doses at once

The Toilet Cleaning Foam Concentrate will make your toilet bowl shine with CYCLE's usual effectiveness.

✅85% less plastic
✅On refill of one bottle for only €1,59
✅Less carbon footprint during transport

For use, we recommend the special spray nozzle available in the starter kit or the ready-to-use version, which ensures the right quality of foam.


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Economical, efficient and maximum environmental friendliness

Just like you're got used to from CYCLE, only much bigger! Now you can switch to the equivalent of 10 toilet cleaning foams!

Help us change mindsets about green cleaning products!

How can a cleaner be recycled?

That’s what people usually ask when I explain the concept of CYCLE. "Recycle everything" is not only our marketing bla bla but really what we do: recycled water and recycled organic acids - that's most of what we need to produce non-toxic, sustainable yet hell effective cleaners. Let's team up to change consumer's mindsets and save our planet.​

Sunny Bashin, CEO and Founder

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