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Upside-down Trigger Spray

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Spray head - accessory for detergent bottles. -Reusable
-With foaming function
Is your nozzle worn out? No need to throw away the whole bottle, just replace the nozzle!


Spray head - for additional detergent bottles.

It can be reused With foaming function

Is your nozzle worn out? You don't have to throw away the whole bottle, just replace the nozzle!



This is an excellent spray nozzle, it can spray, but if you want, it can also create foam. With its help, you can spray the cleaning agent where the dirt settles. Since it is not made of recycled plastic, we recommend ordering it only if absolutely necessary. It is best if you reuse the nozzles provided with the starter pack on our refill bottles.

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Help us change mindsets about green cleaning products!

Save Water

Who needs tap water? We use only recycled water for our cleaners and concentrate!

Save Plastic

Virgin plastic? Who needs that?! We encourage using and reusing recycled plastic bottles.

Save CO2

The shipping and using of refills have a much smaller CO2 footprint.

How can a cleaner be recycled?

That’s what people usually ask when I explain the concept of CYCLE. "Recycle everything" is not only our marketing bla bla but really what we do: recycled water and recycled organic acids - that's most of what we need to produce non-toxic, sustainable yet hell effective cleaners. Let's team up to change consumer's mindsets and save our planet.​

Sunny Bhasin, CEO and Founder