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Foaming Toilet Refill 50ml = 1 Bottle Worth

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  • Green innovation for a healthy home
  • Effective against dirt, relentless against greenwashing!
  • Radiant shine without nuking your home
  • Easy to refill concentrates available - save plastic and money
  • With fewer ingredients than a Cosmopolitan!

Thanks to the active foam technology, the toilet cleaning foam sticks to the toilet rim and works effectively. The special spray nozzle helps you to apply the cleaning agent to the desired surfaces without touching them, even in upside-down position. The result is instant foam cleanliness. This product contains not only 100% nature derived ingredients but also a high degree of recycled materials to be as sustainable as possible.

>90% recycled content
Environmentally friendly formula
With active foam technology
for contact-free toilet cleaning
Special spray head available- can even be used upside down
vegan product free from animal cruelty

A specially designed spray nozzle is required for proper foam formation. If you like the product, the spray bottle can be reused at any time, and the cleaner is also available as a refill concentrate.



Perfect for

You guessed it, Toilets! But not just the bowl, also the seat, the lid and under the rim! As a bonus it can also be used for Bidets!

Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces (e.g. marble, copper).

Scope of delivery and application

50ml cleaner concentrate 10:1 in a recycled PET bottle and screw cap.

Fill a CYCLE bottle with 450 ml of water. Then add the 50 ml concentrate. Close the bottle and shake. If the mixing order is reversed, the product may foam. Apply the diluted CYCLE concentrate to the surface, leave on for a few minutes and then wipe off. Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces (e.g. marble, copper).

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water! If using contact lenses, remove them and continue rinsing!

Switch to concentrates with us! Did you know that the average cleaning product contains 80-90% water? But if you use concentrates with reduced water content instead of ready-to-use cleaners, you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your cleaning products!


Toilet Cleaning Foam Concentrate 50ml:

Recycled acetic acid and other organic acids <5%, non-ionic surfactant >30%, citric acid, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, recycled water.

INCI lista: Acetic acid and other organic acids: <5%, Caprylyl/capryl Glucoside: >30%, Lavandula hybrida oil, Mentha arvensis leaf oil, Water

The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, except for the closures.

Downloadable fact sheets:

Safety Data Sheet - Toilet Cleaning Foam

Ingredients Database - EU

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Help us change mindsets about green cleaning products!

Save Water

Who needs tap water? We use only recycled water for our cleaners and concentrate!

Save Plastic

Virgin plastic? Who needs that?! We encourage using and reusing recycled plastic bottles.

Save CO2

The shipping and using of refills have a much smaller CO2 footprint.

How can a cleaner be recycled?

That’s what people usually ask when I explain the concept of CYCLE. "Recycle everything" is not only our marketing bla bla but really what we do: recycled water and recycled organic acids - that's most of what we need to produce non-toxic, sustainable yet hell effective cleaners. Let's team up to change consumer's mindsets and save our planet.​

Sunny Bhasin, CEO and Founder